Photo Friday

We were pretty busy this past week - trying to cram in the last of our summer activities. It started on Saturday with a pirate-themed party for two-year-old Lucy {sitting in the chair}.

{Malayna, Lucy, Sedona and Molly.}

{Ice cream.}

{Cape May beach on Sunday - trying to fly the
pirate kite she got a the party. No luck.}

{Picking tomatoes with Aidan, who is trying
to get Malayna to stop hugging him so much!}

{Yummy tomatoes.}

{Heading off to Sprinkles, the ice cream shop around the corner.}

{Am I a mess or what?}

{Belmar beach with Lily on Thursday.
They spent lots of time rolling around in the sand.}



{Ending the trip with ice cream. Lily likes to wear hers.}

Hmmm. I think we like ice cream.

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