New feminist blog

I am loving this newish blog, The Dawn Chorus. From their site: The Dawn Chorus exists to provide a platform for young (and not so young!) Australian women to comment on and analyse the issues that affect us - sex, pop culture, health care, politics, relationships, publishing, sport, the media and beyond - from a feminist perspective, however we may choose to define it.

Their lastest post, Pink Pastel Princesses: Gender Conditioning and Girlhood talks about an issue I think about often. I'm sure once Malayna goes to preschool in September, the whole princess thing will rear its ugly head. Right now, she talks about them a little, but I purposely limit her exposure to everything Disney and princess-y. Someone recently asked her who her favorite princess was. Really? She's FOUR. How about asking what her favorite color is or what she likes to play with! Her favorite things to do right now are drawing, coloring, pretending she's a boy named Leo, learning about sharks, and wrestling with daddy. Not a princess in sight.


APlanet4Creation said...

If she likes sharks, get her this: http://www.sickonsin.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=19_31&products_id=71 The girls have one in pink (of course). I hate pink as a girl growing up but my oldest loves it. Luckily the youngest likes purple!

daisy janie said...

Stick to it, Lisa!