Crafty girl

{Jack and his little sister Annie. Jack is waving
and Annie is doing a happy dance.
Love those glasses on Jack!}

Malayna has inherited my (and Jimmy's) crafty genes. She is constantly drawing, coloring, or working on some "project." We recently bought a small buffet from the thrift shop to hold all of her crafty supplies. She can easily access it, which means she's more likely to grab a box of crayons and some paper and draw her little heart out. She's just started adding hands, fingers and feet to the figures she draws. They are characters from her imagination, and she usually names them James, Leo, Jack or Annie. She loves to draw glasses, and one of my favorite parts of her doodles are the ear pieces of the glasses - big loops hovering near the figure's head.

{Malayna's interpretation of the hailstorm we had yesterday.
Our red door is to the left, and the yellow on the right is lightning.}

{This is what she calls an "abstract."}

{This drawing has been sitting on the coffee table for about a week.
She keeps re-working it and drawing on it more.}

Lots of "Leo" drawings:

Yesterday we worked on a project Malayna found in a book a friend gave her. We made a little chick out of styrofoam balls, pipe cleaners, clay and googly eyes. It included one of Malayna's favorite things - messy paint. She loves to put paint on a palette (a thrifted plate), use each of the colors, then mix them all together - usually with her hands. The goopier the better for her!

{Project-in-progress. She was saying,
"boop, boop, boop" while using the q-tip to paint.}

{Sunday afternoon project - blue chick.}


I think of art supplies like crayons, paper, paint and even coloring books as necessities - which means that Malayna gets constant replenishment of those things! She really can't have enough. It's such a pleasure to watch her work and to see her creations.


KB said...

Very cute! I love all the glasses. Malayna and Sage would have a great time together making crafts. I long for a central storage unit for all of the kids' craft supplies. Our are currently out of their boxes and all over the floor in the dining room.

lisa {milkshake} said...

I'll have to take a picture of the buffet we got. It's already overflowing…