New venue

{Bloom desk clock at Art Garage Sale.}

I set up a new shop here the other day and will be adding more things in the next few days. There are some great artists on there, including Jess Gonacha, who just happened to be across the aisle from me at Printsource NY back in January. She creates a variety of items, like prints, coasters, paintings and zines. Her work is wonderful!

In other news, Malayna survived her first day at lunch bunch yesterday. Lunch bunch is an extra 3 hours at school - the kids get to eat together and play. She said she enjoyed herself, but isn't giving up much more information than that. I, on the other hand, took advantage of those extra hours! Some patterns were started, bills paid, emails sent. Most importantly, I was able to try out this DVD: 30 Day Shred. Holy moly. That workout kicked my butt! I'm sore today, and it's not like I don't work out - Jimmy and I exercise together four mornings a week. I've been hearing about this workout on lots of blogs that I read, and everyone seems to love it (and the results it brings). It's only 20 minutes long, so it's easy to fit it in your schedule. Just be prepared to sweat!

Today Malayna and I are off to storytime at the bookstore. We went last week, and she was the life of the party. It's always surprising to me when she initiates conversations with people she doesn't know; I remember the days when she would growl at people if they would look at her! I'll take the friendly, outgoing Malayna over the other one any day.


Anonymous said...

I love the workout, too! Which level did you try?

daisy janie : scoutie girl said...

Hope you get lots of sales on AGS!!

lisa {milkshake} said...

k - I started with level 1! I am sore today.

Thanks, Jan!

Anonymous said...

Those level 1 arm raises (when you rock from side to side) are something else, aren't they?! I can't seem to find the right size weight - they're either too heavy or too light!

I am proud to say I can now do 30 push-ups, though!


lisa {milkshake} said...

I think they're the hardest move right now (besides the push-ups). My shoulders are hurtin'! 30 push-ups? Ouch!