2009 in pictures

Bye-bye 2009, hello 2010!

{January: Printsource in New York.}

{February: My last birthday in my 30s.}

{March: Snowstorm!}

{April: Showers.}

{May: Saying goodbye to a friend.}

{June: Vacation.}

{July: Lots of beach trips.}

{August: Watching fireworks on the Wildwood boardwalk.}

{September: First day of kindergarten!}

{October: Halloween.}

{November: Welcome Lola!}

{December: Happy birthday to my sweet 6-year-old!}


daisy janie said...

What a year!!! Welcome to 2010, Lisa! What's in store? Can't believe this time last year that we were scrambling to get ready for PS. Seems like years ago. Malayna looks so cute on her birthday (and in all the pics).

coco said...
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