I need a week without a phone

You know what? If I never talk on the phone again I think I'll be okay. The last few days have been spent making unbelievable amounts of phone calls and meeting with tree and roof people. Surprisingly, none of those meetings were with my insurance agent! That's right - she hasn't been here yet. It's been 4 days since the storm damage and I finally spoke to our contact person this morning. Turns out the insurance company declared the storm a catastrophe, so a catastrophe team had to be called in from the South. We will finally have a meeting with our agent tomorrow morning at 8 am. Yay! That means we'll be able to get these trees out of here so I can sleep at night again. We're hoping our insurance will pay to take down the side tree, since only half of it is still standing.

{I will miss this tree!}

Yesterday was spent in the house {going crazy with boredom}, waiting for appointments to show up. One roofing company never showed - guess who I won't be using? The insurance company sent two guys to put a tarp on the roof {four days after the fact}. When they finished, they told me that there were several spots where the tree penetrated the roof. Yikes! We had no idea. What saved us was the fact that the previous owners put a shingle roof on top of a slate roof. So their half-assedness saved my studio.

Some good did come from that boredom, however. I got to work on some new clock, pin and card ideas. Here are some previews {obviously milkshake crafts won't be on the finished product!} . What do you think?

{Both designs will be available as 8" clocks and desk clocks.}


daisyjanie said...

Hopefully there will be light at the end of the tunnel soon!

Love both designs, Lisa!! Colors, pattern...all great!

Anonymous said...

I love the colors ... but the patterns might trigger a migraine for me!

I'm surprised only one of the contractors didn't show up. When we needed work on our deck, we called six companies ... only three showed, and of them, only two gave us estimates. They were both about the same price, so we went with the "real" company that was bonded and licensed, rather than the lone guy who was a handyman sort!

Hope the roof gets fixed soon and you can get back to breathing easy! So sorry to see the trees go ... [K]