Inside 264

In the midst of this mess, we had a new sofa delivered. Malayna and I went to Ikea on Thursday of last week and ordered it. Because it is much bigger than our last one, the living room had to be rearranged. That meant getting the bookcases out of the living room and putting most of the books in the dining room. We have built-in shelves in there, and before this I had my mom-mom's china displayed on the shelves. It was kind of a pain, though, because they'd get dusty and I wouldn't realize it {or care!} until it was time to use them. We only use that china for special occasions - like Easter dinner, Thanksgiving dinner, etc.

When the tree fell {are you sick of hearing about it yet?}, we had books piled everywhere, our old couch squeezed into the dining room, and dust and dog hair everywhere. I still need to move some things around in the living room, but for the most part I love the way it looks now. The new sofa is soooo much comfier than the last one and the three of us can fit on it without being on top of each other. And the best part? The entire sofa is covered with washable slipcovers. Because that little girl is messy.

{See the color coordination on the upper shelves?
Can you say, "anal?"}

{Pretty new sectional with a pretty little girl sitting on it!
Oh - new orange curtains, too.}

{Gorgeous fabric designed by Daisy Janie.
Won't these make pretty new pillows?}


Paula said...

love it - and those pillows are gonna be FAB!!

daisyjanie said...

LOVE THAT SOFA! And the orange curtains!! Glad I had some fabrics to go with your "flavors"! Have a great weekend!

Brie said...

Wow that looks great!!!