Inside 264

Thanks for all the comments and emails you sent about this post. It's frustrating, but I have other things to think about, like this. Yes, it's still there - tomorrow will be two weeks! Needless to say, we're tired of having a house that looks trashy. The tree guy is taking forever to answer my phone calls, the insurance company keeps changing the amount of money they're going to give us, and I'm still getting roof replacement prices. We also had a painter and mason come by and take a look at the damage. I cannot wait for this to be over. Or at the very least, I want it to get started!

Aidan came over yesterday and he and Malayna dyed Easter eggs. Never mind that Aidan is Jewish. They had fun anyway!

{Pssst! Check back on Monday - I'll be having a contest and you could win a wall square!}

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Anonymous said...

Looks like fun! Happy Easter :)