Thinking about inspiration

I found a website recently that has clocks made with paper and wood. Now, I'm aware that I didn't invent the idea of clocks made with paper, but I do know that this person has been on my site and that she only recently started making these clocks. Maybe she was inspired by my work and decided to start making her own. Maybe she already HAD the idea and I have nothing to do with it.

Her clocks are made with patterned papers, and some even feature words, but I'm not sure if the patterns are her own designs or something she purchased. The patterns she uses look nothing like mine, but it just left me with a bad feeling.

There's really nothing I can do about it except to continue to come up with new ideas and stay one step ahead. I just needed to vent, and to ask what you would do if you found something like this?


Jules said...

I would be livid. I would also probably stay up for days on end trying to think of something bigger and better to do with my clocks, or, I would try to com up with an entirely new product to add to my shop.

I don't think I would contact her, unless it was an obvious copy--but boy would I want to!

Anonymous said...

What my mom would say: Be flattered someone liked your product enough to copy!

What a sales/marketer would say: That's life on the Internet. Find a way to differentiate your product on something other than price (e.g., features/benefits). Your profits will speak for themselves.

What I say: That SUCKS! I'll always be loyal to you, so no worries here :) [k]

Brie said...

A bad feeling to say the very least. I like you attitude though, stay one step ahead ;)

Paula said...

UGGGH! Great new ideas are the best revenge. That stinks though!

Anonymous said...

I think you should stay true to your Kensington roots, and find her and kick her *ss! (just kidding.)

I'm just saying that because I had a parent at my school storm the fence and scream in my face today, as well as wag her finger at me (all because I asked her child to face forward when he walks.) However, I remained the bigger person, much like you are. Killing them with kindness makes your conscience feel much better, but it does suck!

from a fellow former Kenzo, guess who?!

KB said...

I'm convinced people like that come around to keep us on our toes. It sucks when someone cops your ideas, but what can you do? She'll never completely be able to cop your style. Just ignore her and keep on innovating.

daisyjanie said...

Your clocks are such a standout - I'm sorry that she compromised your edge! Art is all about evolving, regardless of the impetus...coziness with a concept is great, but you always want to have a star on the horizon to keep your admirers coming back for more! You'll find a way to make a work to your advantage I'm sure!!

textile_fetish said...

There was a popular blogger (not really, but more-so than me) who would buy Kid clothes from me sometimes. Well, she started posting tutorials and versions of clothes she'd made "inspired" by the items I sold. She did this to not just me, but a friend of mine. The frustrating part wasn't that she sold these. She didn't. But if you search "tiered skirt" EVERYONE credits her for the info. It was just conveniently after I started selling them. So all I can do is try to be cool about it. She was once a customer, and a lot of people liked her imparting that info. I can't alienate people by spewing disdain. Ha!