Outside 264

Yesterday was such a gorgeous spring day that when Malayna went for her rest I ran outside to do some gardening. It was really just cleaning up - no planting yet. The day was so sunny that I got sunburn on my arms! It never even crossed my mind to put on sunscreen in April. Malayna and I spent the entire morning on the couch - we took her to the doctor last night to find out that she has strep throat. She's extremely tired - especially when compared to her usual energetic four-year-old self. The medicine we got from the doctor is not agreeing with her stomach, so it looks like we'll be spending another day on the couch reading books and watching videos. She said yesterday that she wanted to read a zillion books. I think we accomplished that.

Here are some photos of the trees coming down. I was sad to see them go, especially the front tree, but when they took the base of the trunk down it was completely hollow. Yikes! So if another big wind came along the entire tree could've come down. I'm not so sad about it being gone now.

{No more trees!}


{Cool stump.}

{After. Next the roof will be repaired - along with the gutters.
Then the porch will be painted and some new flowers planted.}


daisyjanie said...

Hollow?! Not good. I'm glad for your peace (piece?) of mind that you don't have to think about it - and that you can plant some fun sun-loving plants! Love the lilies. Sooo resilient and pretty.

I have been thinking more and more and more about our big old cherry tree. I think we're in the same boat. It's just not safe to have such a huuuuuge tree so close to homes. When we first moved in, we had a "portable sawmill" person look at it. He said it would be between $3000-4000 to take it down, but that he could sell the wood for that much - and it would be a wash. Where is that guy now?? I don't want to pay that much!!!

KB said...

Cool stump!