Website photographs

{Typical image for the website.
This is a new size - 8".}

When I take the photos for my website, I clean them up in a program called Photoshop. I take out the background and put a drop shadow behind the clock. I like the way it looks - clean and uncluttered. But I'm wondering if you can really tell what the clocks look like. I'm playing around with the idea of photographing them on one of my walls - so you can tell what it will look like in real life.

{I took these photo quickly this morning - obviously I'd have to get all the extra nails off the wall before taking more photos!}

{test photo 1}

{test photo 2}

How do you like to view products online? Clean and uncluttered or in a real-life setting?


APlanet4Creation said...

I like the clean and uncluttered look!

daisyjanie said...

Once again, same issue I'm wrestling with! I like them both - maybe you can use a real-life image with props for the category image and the clean images for the individual listings within the category. Or have a couple of different images per product, like etsy. Best of both worlds?
P.S. Love that clock!!!

paula {plays with mud} said...

The clock is beautiful - I prefer the clean, photoshop'd version.

Anonymous said...

I'd go with clean and uncluttered, too - that leaves more room for people to visualize your products in their houses ... otherwise, if they don't like the setting you choose to display the product, they may decide not buy it. [k]

lisa {milkshake} said...

I'm surprised that you all like the clean and uncluttered look! I thought maybe people weren't "getting" my clocks just by looking at them online. They are much better in person!

Jan - I'll try and figure out how to use two photos on my site. Good idea.

Kim said...

I like the clean and uncluttered look also. I think daisyjanie has a great idea with featuring it in a real setting and then having clean images listed individually...kinda like you'd see in a catalog. Good luck! :)

textile_fetish said...

You know, from the image you corrected, I expected the clock stood out from the wall more. From the image that features a real setting, it seems the clock is flat. Does the clock mechanism add depth to the back?

Without reading your site's description. . . how do you hang them up? What's the back like in terms of a hanger or stand?

textile_fetish said...
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lisa {milkshake} said...

The back of the clock has a built-in hanger (on the mechanism) - it's a little triangle-shaped hole.

This clock is only 1/2" thick, so it is pretty flat. The clock mechanism does add a little more depth than that.