Weekend recap

Remember the first time Malayna went on the train? It was horrible, to say the least. Fortunately, she got all that screaming and crying out of her system and now LOVES to ride the train. We've taken many trips to Center City since that first time - and we always stop at Reading Terminal Market while we're downtown.

{The Academy of Music}

This past weekend, we went to The Academy of Music with Aidan and his parents, for a program called Sound All Around. It was a great show - members of the Philadelphia Orchestra, along with a storyteller, gave a mini-concert that was geared toward preschoolers. Afterwards, we all walked to LOVE Park so the kids could see the fountain {which was colored green for Earth Day}. They ran around like crazy, happy to be outside in the gorgeous weather.

After a little while Aidan, Wendy and Daniel went home {Aidan still naps} and we walked to the Market. Have I mentioned how perfect the weather was? Even though I was happy to be outside, I kept thinking about all the things I could've been doing if we were home - like moving plants around, getting the back of the yard ready for a new vegetable garden and painting the porch. That list could go on and on…

{LOVE park}

Sunday's weather was also great, so we did get outside in the yard that day. I pulled weeds while Jimmy mowed the lawn. We invited our neighbor Lily over to play with Malayna. How different this year is compared to last! Last year we couldn't both work while Malayna was out there, but this year she and Lily happily played and Jimmy and I did our own thing. I think we'll be having Lily over a LOT this summer.

In other news, the roofers are here today! We'll finally have a new roof, thanks to the storm on March 8th. You never know what you're going to get when you buy an old house - under the roof shingles is a layer of slate! Who in the world covers a slate roof with asphalt shingles?! That slate is probably what saved our house when the limb fell on it.

The weather here is gorgeous again. Yay for spring!


Anonymous said...

Great minds think alike. We were downtown Sunday - the kids loved it!

Do you ever want to get together again?! :) [k]

lisa {milkshake} said...

What did you guys do on Sunday? Wasn't the weather great?!

Yes, I want to get together!! So does Malayna.