mmmm. cookies.

Yesterday Malayna and I went to a The Flour Pot cookie boutique in Ambler. Our friends India and Lily came with us to decorate some delicious cookies during their open studio. It was a lot of fun! The girls each chose four cookies {shaped like flowers, ice cream cones and strawberries} and three decorettes {little decorations like stars, flowers, and Malayna's favorite - babies}. Pots of icing in different colors were supplied, along with a flower pot filled with brushes {to apply the icing}. The shop is adorable. They have all kinds of cute things for sale {in addition to the cookies, of course} like aprons, baking supplies, and books. They also host birthday parties in their kitchen. Since Malayna's birthday is in cold December, this would be a great place to have a party. I'm not sure how much icing will actually get on to the cookies, though {see photo above}.

Have a great weekend!

{Hey, KB! Recognize that dress?}


KB said...

Wheee! The Raggedy Anne dress in action! She's the perfect girl for it, definitely.

lisa ~ milkshake crafts said...

I LOVE that dress. When I bought it from you (last year? the year before?) it came to her knees. This year it's a tunic!

julie r said...

hey lisa- I'm enjoying the blog and that nurture sqaure is so easy on the eyes. I know it sounds cliche but I do like the word peace and the names of flowers as well as french words we use in our everyday language like collage and saute and decoupage.
colin and I are having a whirlwind summer...maybe we could see you 2 soon?
miss you, julie

lisa ~ milkshake crafts said...

Hi Julie! Believe it or not, I the word peace never even crossed my mind. Good one!
Malayna and I would love to see you and Colin! We're free a few days this week. How about you?