baby dolls, anyone?


My daughter Malayna loves baby dolls. She's a little obsessed. She has piles and piles of dolls - in the dining room, bedroom, bathroom, and even outside. {Mom-mom and pop-pop are responsible for buying most of the dolls.} Every doll has a name, though most of them have the same names - Frank, Michael, Kyle, Ella, Barbara or Lily. Oh, and one Matt. He's pretty crazy.

Each name has its own personality traits. Ella is a doormat. Poor Ella - she gets ignored, yelled at and treated badly. Barbara, on the other hand, is usually the one doing the yelling. Barbara loves drama. Michael is a nice boy and Kyle is a baby (who can't do much for himself). Frank's not sure if he's a boy or girl.

Malayna also pretends to be all of the above. We're never sure who we're dealing with around here (unless, of course, it's Barbara). Frank is probably the easiest to deal with, although we sometimes use the wrong pronoun when describing him. Or her.

I love watching her creative mind at work.


Soapylove said...

I can certainly relate! I never know who I'm going to be when I wake up every morning! Lol!

Jen Lownie said...

What a goodlooking blog and a warm beginning for your blogging story! And I loved the intro to the dolls and their names, definitely including "Fran's not sure if he's a boy or a girl".

Your inspiration sounds like she has a wonderful imagination - suppose she got it from her mum?

Welcome to the world of blogging. :-)

textile_fetish said...

What a cute little family! I'll bookmark you and check back!

lisa ~ milkshake crafts said...

Thanks for your comments, ladies!

Jen said...

How funny! My 7-year-old has names for every one of her MANY stuffed animals, the vast majority of which are kitties.:) She spent the morning sewing a pillow and sleeping bag for Whiskers Cat, lol!

Shannon said...

Well I can relate to Malayna because I never had dolls growing up but had Star Wars figurines since I had two older brothers--of course I made up names for all of them.. can't keep up with their real names! But this blog is a cute way to keep up with your creativity and where you get it from! Keep it flowing!!!

KB said...

Wow, it must be hard raising all those babies!

Also, it's pretty cool to see a pillow that was once in my studio now across the country in Malayna's room.