off to the beach!

Without Malayna! The weather is actually cooperating, too - I was sure my grown-up beach day was going to involve lots of clouds and some rain. That's not very optimistic, is it?

I'm meeting a friend in Brigantine Beach {in NJ} for a meeting. Yup, we're actually going to be talking about a project we hope to work on together - I even have sketches to show her! {Just in case you were thinking that it wasn't a real meeting.}

I have my bathing suit on and my bag packed. I had to wear something that hides my suit so Malayna doesn't see it and I secretly packed my truck with my beach chair and towel. Why do I feel so guilty? Everyone deserves a day alone to relax, right? It's days like this that make us better moms. I'm pretty sure that as soon as I get in the truck and turn on my music {like Lucinda Williams, Jonatha Brooke, or Dar Williams to name a few} my guilt will slip away. But for now, I'm wondering if Malayna and I could sneak in a beach day for just the two of us before the summer ends. Maybe next week some time?


textile_fetish said...

That was one of the crummiest things about when Chloe was littler - having to sneak off to do things I really needed to do. It was wasn't guilt for me, it was her getting very upset. So I'd meet my craft group and have to scramble to gather supplies to take along way in advance. But now with 2 kids, it's way different. They can actually say, "Mom, where ya going'? OK. Bye Mom!"

lisa {milkshake} said...

I don't think I would've felt as guilty as I did if it was just a regular day out. But the beach?! I kept thinking about how much she would've loved it.