a carefree day in the yard with my mako shark

Malayna (aka Mako shark) and I spent a nice, relaxing morning in the yard. Her latest favorite thing to do is play in her kiddie pool with soap. She washes everything in sight, but mostly just likes to pretend she's in a bubble bath. {If only she liked REAL baths as much as this.} This morning she pretened to be a "kid mako shark" {that's called progress! She wasn't pretending to be a BABY mako shark}.

When we came inside, Malayna watched Diego while I tried to avert my eyes. I really, really don't like Diego or Dora. Why are their eyes so darn big? And what's with the interactive kid shows? It's like they're trying to fool us into thinking these kinds of shows are educational. If they ask our children questions, then they're not just sitting there in a daze staring at the TV.

Seriously, though, the questions they ask are ridiculous! And then Diego {or Dora} stands there staring at you and blinking with those big, crazy eyes. Blink. Blink. Here's a question from today's show: "Does a pengiun waddle or drive?" Duh. If you're going to pretend that your show is educational, please give my child some challenging questions!

Last week Malayna came home from mom-mom's and pop-pop's house with Diego and Alicia dolls {gee, thanks, mom and dad!}.

Me: "Wow! They have such big eyes!"
Malayna: "Well, they're just babies. When they get bigger their eyes will be smaller."

Oh. So in other words - they'll grow into their eyes.

Have a great weekend!

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