busy weekend

{Hey, these bouncy things ARE fun - just like mom and dad said!}

We celebrated two birthdays this weekend. On Saturday, we went to Lucy's party - she's the fourth child of a high school friend of mine. {When did we get so old?!} There was lots for the kids to do - two moon bounces, swimming in the pool, playing on the swingset. It was Malayna's first time on a moonbounce! She's seen them lots of times, but never wanted to go in. Sometimes she is SO cautious and seems so unlike other kids. Or is it just that I don't notice the other cautious kids? Where are all the other slow-to-warm kids? Dealing with Malayna when we go someplace new or to a crowded party is often exhausting.

At one point all the kids sat down to have cupcakes. Malayna sat down, but quickly got up and said, "I can't sit here. It's too hot and sunny." And you know what? I KNEW she was going to say that because I noticed it, too. So the two of us found a shady spot so she could eat her cupcake.

Most of the time I accept her little quirks, but other times I just want to tell her to get over it! Why aren't any of the other kids complaining about the sun and heat? Do they not notice? Malayna's pretty good about {LOUDLY} voicing her thoughts and opinions. I'm happy that she speaks up - and I do take credit for encouraging her to let her voice be heard. I guess I'm a little embarrassed when she draws attention to herself because then it draws attention to me. I feel like I'm being judged because my daughter won't go along with the program {or that she's weird. What's so wrong with being different?}.

Have you ever been that parent who had to leave a store because of your child's tantrum? {Been there!} Remember how crappy that felt? I remember one time trying to get her into her carseat while she kicked and screamed. We were in a parking lot and you wouldn't believe how many people stopped to stare at us. I was so frustrated that I looked at this one group of women and said, "It would be nice if you offered your help instead of standing there staring at me!" Wouldn't that be great? If, instead of judging someone's parenting, we went over and offered a hand?

{Malayna and cousin Jack}

Sunday morning was spent at my brother's and sister's-in-law house {David and Maria} to celebrate Maria's birthday. Malayna was a very helpful cousin to Jack {even if he didn't want help}. We had breakfast, Jewish apple cake and cupcakes. It was a very nice morning!

{Daddy and Malayna chalking on the sidewalk.}

{PS: Here's a great book for kids about being different: Odd Velvet.}


Brandi said...

I think sometimes people don't want to offer help because they aren't sure how that help will be received. People now are much more cautious about approaching someone else, especially when it involves children, because it's a bit tricky.

But I agree - sometimes when I'm watching my niece, it would be nice if someone who HAD children would offer assistance because if it's not included in Mommy's instructions, I'm a bit clueless!

And welcome to the Indiepublic Blog Ring! Thanks so much for joining!

lisa said...

Hi Brandi,

True - some people would probably not appreciate an offer of help. I've never offered my help (to a stranger), but often wish I knew what to say to at least let them know I've been there, too.

{Oh, and sometimes mommies don't know what to do, either!}