This is the first wall square I created. The idea for the squares had been brewing for quite a while - which I realized when I looked through my sketchbook and came upon a drawing I had done about a year before I made this square. I love words and letters and enjoy drawing them {I think it has something to do with majoring in graphic design in college}.

Before I launch a new product, I show it to a group of friends and family and ask them for feedback. I am lucky that many of my friends are fellow artists. Their critiques are invaluable. {Especially since I'm home with a three-year-old whose favorite playthings are babydolls - most of which aren't very aesthetically pleasing.}

When I first showed them the nurture square above, many of them did not have a good reaction to the actual word. They thought it was preachy and not a word they'd choose to hang on their wall. That was really surprising to me!

They were just introduced in April and I have only done a handful of shows so far, but they have been very well-received. Customers have been giving me suggestions of other words they'd like to see - which is great because some of them are words I'd never think to use.

Which brings me to the question: What are some of your favorite words?

{PS: We had a great time at the campground yesterday. It was a perfect day to spend in the water - it was 98 degrees down the shore! Malayna was "swimming" in the lake and must've lost her balance, because her head went under the water. When she got up (looking very surprised) she said, "That was NOT amazing!" Now that's a good word.}


Anonymous said...


That is such a good story about Malayna!!

I personally really LOVE my Milkshake Crafts clock, which says "cherish this moment". Although my husband hasn't gotten around to hanging it up yet, it is sitting on a bureau in my bathroom and I enjoy seeing it everyday!


Lorie said...

Wow! How cute, I love it. I feel almost famous being included in the blog. I am also very grateful to know you are a true friend who did not put a picture of me in a bathing suit on your website. Thank you sooo much!!!