I was so proud

{handmade necklaces}

Jimmy's birthday is this Wednesday, so there's been lots of talk around here about presents. The other day as Malayna and I were driving around, we had a conversation that made my day!

M: Mommy, there's the old Target where we get the Lily dolls! When it's daddy's birthday we'll have to go there and buy him a baby doll.

Me: Well, that sounds like something that you would like, not daddy.

M: Daddy likes baby dolls! And when it's your birthday, me and daddy will have to buy you a pretty-ful necklace. Are there any necklace stores around here?

Me: I like to wear necklaces that someone has made. A handmade necklace.

M: Oh. Handmade - not machine-made?

Of course I said yes and then almost drove off the road. We had a conversation a while back about handmade versus machine-made, but I wasn't sure she really understood or that she'd even remember. Silly me.


erica said...

What a great story! Good for Malayna...and for you for instilling that idea in her.

lisa {milkshake} said...

Thanks, Erica!