The park

{Looking up.}

We interrupt the regularly scheduled program to show you some photos from the park. Malayna and I took a stroll there yesterday morning - it was a GORGEOUS day, with a high of 75 and bright sunshine. I'm so glad the sun is back! It's been pretty dreary around here lately.

While Malayna and I walked the trail around the park, she quickly started art-directing me. {Who's the graphic designer, here?!} She pointed out the things she wanted me to photograph and I took the photos. I told her she was more than welcome to get her butt out of the stroller and take them herself, but she preferred to direct from the comfort of her seat. {Gee, so unlike her!} All the following photos, with the exception of the ones with her in them, are brought to you by Malayna. {See more in my new Flickr account.}

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KB said...

She's got a good eye! It's nice to see some trees.