We've had a little cat hanging around our house lately that Malayna has named Meowers. Jimmy is allergic to cats, so there's no way we can bring her in the house. She {we don't know if it's a female or not, but Malayna says it's a girl} comes in the yard, meows very loudly and walks around looking very cute. Of course, Malayna loves her and the feeling seems to be mutual. Last night I went out on the porch and there she was - curled up on the rocking chair. I felt so badly coming in the house and leaving her out there. I feel like I should feed her some cat food since she's on our porch every day anyway.

What else can I do? Other than putting her in the truck and driving her to the SPCA? Even that isn't really an option I like - they probably have too many cats already and she may just be put to sleep.

What would you do?


beki said...

I'd probably keep her as an outside cat.

Brie said...

I'd keep her as an outside cat too. As long as she has claws, she'll be fine :)

I am allergic to cats too, only mildly, but I think I'd lose my mind to have cat hair in the house all the time. It's the only type of pet my 2 youngest BEG for.

Little Flower Designs said...

Hi Lisa, Even if you're on the fence about it, I'd take her for shots since she's Malayna's pal. I'm cautious like that! And if you can have him/her fixed you'd be helping your neighborhood- or you might have more soon! Usually when they walk around being loud they are looling for a little something(wink, wink)
Good luck!!! Linda

lisa {milkshake} said...

Linda, that's something I didn't even think of! I talked to my neighbor about Meowers (she's secretly feeding her), and she's trying to find someone to take the cat.

I don't know if she's someone's cat - she doesn't have a collar. Grr. Why can't people be more responsible with their pets?!

vanessa said...

Yeah, that's a bummer if she's someone's pet and she doesn't have a collar. I just don't get it.

By the way, Meowers is seriously one of the cutest names ever!