Let the birthday celebrations begin! Malayna will be five next Monday {the 22nd}, and today I'll be taking the cookies we made last night to school for a little birthday celebration. On Saturday we'll have family here for a little party; Sunday is her Little Gym party with all her friends; Monday is her birthday - Jimmy and I will give her presents that day and take her out to her favorite restaurant, Olive Garden. We'll probably have them sing to her - something that would've been a huge mistake last year.

I am so happy with the way she has matured the past year. She loves school, and last week when she had to stay home one day because she was sick, she was upset and said, "But I'll miss all the fun!" Her behavior is much more manageable than it was last year - there were times when we wouldn't do things because we were worried about how she would react. These past few months she has been a pleasure to be around. She's funny, sweet, smart, creative, curious and still very innocent. I love hearing what she has to say - about being five, what kinds of foods she likes and why, how much she wants a little brother {or a chihuahua}, how people who throw trash on the ground are litterbugs…

In a word, she is awesome.


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APlanet4Creation said...

That's wonderful that Malayna loves school! I hope that keeps up. The worst thing you could say to my girls is "You aren't going to school". Even when they are sick!

Happy Birthday Malayna!!

lisa {milkshake} said...

Thanks, Lilie!

Flower gift Philippines said...

Wow she is really cute girl.I'm proud of you because not all kids love study.