Photo Friday (on Monday)

Sooooo… Let's just say that I'll be blogging less around the holidays. That way I don't have to keep apologizing for slacking!

Since I skipped Photo Friday {and someone was wondering where it was!}, here are some photos from the past week or so. I must say that I'm really happy I didn't schedule any more shows after November 30th. I'm enjoying my weekends with Malayna and Jimmy.

{Lily, Malayna and their babies.}

{Rockin' out to Weezer's Troublemaker.}

{Delivered this clock to a friend this weekend.}

{Went on a carriage ride during our
neighborhood's holiday celebration.}

{My new favorite picture of Malayna.
Taken at the neighborhood holiday celebration.}

{Me and Malayna. Taken at the
neighborhood holiday celebration.}

{Choosing our Christmas tree.}

{Jimmy and Malayna carrying the tree home.}

{Decorating the tree. Must get a picture of the finished
tree - with all the decorations on the bottom half.}

{Even Luco helped.}


paula :: plays with mud said...

I love that picture of her too - so sweet!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures Lisa! I missed you last week..even tho I talk to you on FB!