Shows and the holidays

{Making cookies.}

Now is the time of year when I'm usually busy every weekend with shows, and busy making things all hours of the day and night to keep my inventory stocked. This year is different. I purposely did not schedule any more shows after yesterday's Holiday Trunk Show. I want to be able to enjoy the holidays without being away from Jimmy and Malayna every weekend. I want to actually send Christmas cards. I want to decorate the house before December 24th. I may even go to a few craft shows as a customer.

Malayna and I started decorating over the weekend, and even made our first batch of holiday chocolate chip cookies {many more to come!}. We'll do more decorating this coming weekend, and we may even get our tree.

Since I don't have any more shows, I'm going to concentrate on getting my designs ready for Printsource NY in January. I'll also be updating my website, something I haven't done in months. After the update, I'll be having a sale - so check back here later in the week for the scoop.

Have a good Monday!


daisy janie : scoutie girl said...

Hooray for giving yourself a break! I hope you enjoy every second of it!!

Cute pic - love your shirt(s)?

lisa {milkshake} said...

I'm sure I will! And I look forward to actually looking at other people's art.
(Shirts, plural. Thanks!)