One week later…

Holy moly - it's been an entire week since I last posted?! I'll update you on the exciting things happening around here. {That was sarcasm…}

• We took the rocking chair out of Malayna's room this weekend. It was the last of the baby things left in her room, and we really haven't used it in a few months. She needs the space in her room for a Christmas present - a new baby doll crib. {Shhh - don't tell her!} We had a little goodbye ceremony - she and I sat in the chair and read some books. She also pretended she was a baby who was falling asleep in my arms. It was a little sad!

• We're planning Malayna's fifth birthday party. Will someone please tell me how she got to be FIVE? It's such a cliche, but the time really does go so fast. She wants to invite every child in her class, plus just about everyone she's ever met.

• We attended a birthday party this past weekend and I was reminded {again} of why I have one child. Enough said.

• I'm addicted to Facebook.

• Today I'll be working on a few clock orders and doing some sketches for Christmas presents. I also have about five hundred errands to run, so wish me luck.

Have a good Monday!


daisy janie : scoutie girl said...

Those actually do sound like exciting things, Lisa!! Rocking chair ceremonies and 5th birthdays are big!!!

janjan said...

One day you will turn around and there she will be with her first child. Treasure every single moment.