I need your input!

{Malayna's homemade costume for her second Halloween.
She was "two". Get it?}

I have a show in Bethlehem, PA on Saturday. There are a lot of Halloween products {handmade, of course} at this particular show and it has me wondering if I should make some Halloween cards. I have some ideas sketched out, but I'm not sure if people even buy cards for this holiday.

Do you purchase Halloween cards? If so, who do you buy them for?

Please leave a comment with your answers. {If you don't have a Google account, you can still leave an anonymous comment.}

Thank you!


Plays With Mud said...

I typically don't purchase Halloween cards, but I have received them. Maybe if they're geared towards kids, they would be great for aunts/uncles/grandparents to buy for the little ones?

I like the "NO" shirt BTW :-)

Anonymous said...

I don't usually buy Halloween cards either, but I agree with the person who left the first comment- if it was for a child, I might, especially if it was handmade (I wouldn't seek them out in a store).

ahna said...

I tend to use Halloween cards for decorative purposes in my own home. I know, it's a little like sending myself mail... but I kinda like it. They have to be pretty rockin' to spend the money.
Maybe this is a lame idea, but could you transfer those card ideas to canvas bags, ie, goody bags? That way your ideas wouldn't go to waste and maybe it's another item to have available?
BTW I love your daughter's really cute costume from last year. It's very funny. (I have 3 girls - 8,5,and 2- so I know of what you speak.)
It's fun to see that you are doing all of this in the Philly area. My husband grew up in Philly. His whole family is still there, but we seldom get a chance to return for a visit. Thanks for that little snippet of home.

textile_fetish said...

SO your daughter knows the Eagles linke mine know the TEXAS LONGHORNS!! Ha-ha! I had to put that in all caps because I was yelling. When we are in the vicinity of the UT campus I tell them to show their horns to anyone who passes by because they'll totally return the gesture.

Anyways! Yes, the girls get Halloween Cards so kid-themed are best. I think thought that they'd be good for anyone you'd like to give candy (a treat) on Halloween.

lisa {milkshake} said...

Thanks, everyone!