{reading to one of the babies}

Lately Malayna has been pointing to words and asking what they say. She's noticing punctuation, too. She looks for the dashes in her books and wants to know what an exclamation point is.

She can spell a few words, like dog, mom, dad and Eagles. Since Jimmy is a huge Philadelphia Eagles fan, Malayna has heard the Eagles fight song her whole life. {Yes, I just directed you to a football website. Don't worry - it won't happen again!} Sometimes when we're drawing together she'll ask me to spell her favorite words - Michael, Leo, puppy, Barbara, Ella, baby.

{daddy and Malayna}

The other day the three of us were reading books before bedtime. I asked Malayna if she knew how to spell "dad" and she said, "g-o-d".

On the other hand.... As is often the case with small children, one day we were talking about butts. I told Malayna that hers was my favorite. She asked Jimmy if it was his favorite too, and of course he said yes. I said, "what about my butt?" She looked at me with pity in her eyes and said, "well, you're smart."


ahna said...

Thank goodness you're smart. That is really funny. Aren't kids great. I hope that comment was made in the privacy of your own home?
My mother-in-law once told me that I had a big butt. It was the second time I'd met her. She back pedaled like crazy, but once a grownup says something like that, it sticks around... if you know what I mean.

lisa {milkshake} said...

Yep, we were at home when she said it. Too bad my husband was there to hear her and crack up. I have no idea what she really meant, because she could NOT have meant what we think!

Oh, no. Nice comment from your mother-in-law.