new layout

I made the blog look a little different over the weekend by adding a column on the left.

What do you think? Do you love it? Hate it? Is it too confusing? Too much going on? Is it perfect?

EDIT: I changed it back to the original version. Didn't like the new one :)


Anonymous said...

I did notice the layout change, and think it's great you're willing to try new things to keep it fresh. I do have some feedback (when did you ever know me to keep my mouth shut?) ... with the new setup, the blog doesn't "pop" the way it used to, because the eye has to search it out. There's a lot going on there now. Before, my eyes automatically went to the left (the way we're taught to read, left to right), so it was easy to find. Now there's so much text (and sometimes photos) that my eye isn't sure where to go first. As we said in journalism school (glad all that layout/design education finally paid off!), you have "bumping heads" or "tombstoning," a newspaper no-no.

If you want to leave the new design as is (which I think would be great - I love change!), I'd suggest lowering the copy in the right and left columns, so there's more white space near the top of those two outer columns. That way, the blog headline (the blue title of whatever you're talking about that day)would be near the top of the page by itself.

I'd also make your blog headline a
bit larger, so it stands out more.

Hope this is helpful ... You know I love this blog and will read it no matter how it looks!(k)

lisa {milkshake} said...

Hmmm, YOU keep your mouth shut? Never! Must be one of the reasons we're friends ;)

I think the reason I asked for feedback is because I don't really like it! It doesn't have the white space it had before that made it look so clean. I'll probably change it back tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

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