Jimmy and Malayna love to sing Frank Sinatra together.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh -- I don't think I've seen anything as cute. You blogged earlier about only have one child, and it's times like that, when it's really nice. You can spend quality time with Malayna. I have 3 kids and those "moments" are very far and few between. If I do try to have qualtiy one on one mommy time, the other two are crying to be with us.

ahna said...

That was so terrifically sweet. They could sing to me any time - what happy voices. That totally made my day! Thanks Jimmy and Malayna. (and thanks for posting it, too.I am going to look for their act in the Poconos next summer. :-)
BTW - I noticed the top to your Parents Brand Drum, and I giggled. My girls use the top as a stage for Polly Pockets or other little people in our house, too.

lisa {milkshake} said...

anon - I can't imagine the noise level if there were three of her!

ahna - When I first tried to take this video, she wouldn't sing - I had to wait until she was ready. It was worth it! There were many songs after this one, but this was my favorite. (that drum top is never used as a drum!)

Anonymous said...

That was ADORABLE! (Of Malayna ... tell Jimmy he sounds better with a few drinks in him!) We have to get the girls together ... Ellie LOVES singing (but, unfortunately, only "High School Musical" - nothing as sophisticated as Sinatra!) (k)