3 brothers

I opened Malayna's bedroom door one morning last week and she greeted me with: "Mommy! I'm going to show you the baby brother I want!" She was holding a parenting magazine and quickly turned the pages to one with a dark-haired baby and said, "This is the baby I want for my brother." More page turning.

"This is my second baby brother."

More page turning.

"And this is my third baby brother."

I asked her where they were all going to sleep and she replied, "Pffft. In CRIBS." {I caught a glimpse of her future 13-year-old self.}

"Well, what I meant was - which room will they sleep in?"

"They can sleep in here with me! I will feed them and take care of them. The first baby brother will have a round crib, the second one will have a square crib and the third will have a rectangle crib."

She's got it all figured out.


Anonymous said...

Come on, you had to see that coming! Malayna LOVES babies!!

Baby-lust must be associated with this age or something - the other day, I told Ellie she'd get a surprise if she started staying in her own bed every night (instead of wandering the halls like some ghost). She said, "Oh, what will it be? A new BABY?!?!?" [k]

lisa {milkshake} said...

You're right - I shouldn't be surprised! She's a baby magnet.

Hmmm. Does Ellie know something I don't? ;)