a spring day in January

{swinging without a jacket in January!}

Wow. Yesterday was BEAUTIFUL. It felt like spring in January - my kind of day! Malayna and I were happy to get out of the house and go to the park. It seems like forever since we've been outside playing. I'm not a cold-weather person, and Malayna is perfectly content to be inside on chilly days. Needless to say, we don't brave the cold weather to play outside much.

We have a great park that we can walk to, so I uncovered the jogging stroller {nope, I've never jogged with it, and never will}, packed some apples and water for each of us and off we went. As we walked, I wondered if Malayna will fit in the jogger next year. If not, what will we do? Will that be the end of our park walks together? Say it isn't so!

{Malayna in motion.
You can click on any of the
photos to see them larger.}

I had forgotten how wonderful our walks together are. It's just the two of us, talking about what we see and enjoying the fresh air and open space. When we first entered the park, I took a deep breath and told Malayna how much I loved the smell of the park on a nice day. A little while later, as we got closer to the playground, she said, "Do playgrounds have a smell? I can smell the playground! Let's hurry up and get there so I can swing!"

Surprisingly, most of the park is very quiet {even though it's in the middle of a neighborhood with busy streets}. We could hear the creaking of the trees as they swayed in the wind. Malayna said they sounded like they were talking to us, so I asked her what they were saying. Her response was, "I don't know! I don't speak tree!" Of course. Silly me.


textile_fetish said...

How far away is your park? We've never been stroller people. I carry Olivia and she walks. Or she can ride her bike which has training wheels, and I can walk along-side her.

I keep an umbrella stroller in my trunk in case of emergency. We used it at an outlet mall once since Olivia was asleep. It felt weird! Like I was pushing a wheelchair. And it was much harder to get around.

lisa {milkshake} said...

The park is a few blocks away, and then the trail in the park is about 1.5 miles. There's no way she'd walk! We do have one of those bikes with a push-bar on it. I guess I could use that when she gets too big for the stroller.

We use the jogging stroller a lot. I'm going to miss the convenience of it!

Anonymous said...

We haven't used the stroller in almsot a year - Ellie says she's "too big" for it. She walks everywhere, and it's good exercise.

Anonymous said...

I love the way that you posted those 3 pictures together- that is really neat. Also, I love the "I don't speak tree" comment!