back from a long break

{birthday morning}

Happy new year! I hope you all had a great holiday. We were very, very busy around here - celebrating Malayna's birthday, going on lots of outings, and having a fun Christmas. I'll start with the birthday...

Malayna was very excited this year. The first thing she said when she got up that morning was, "Am I four yet?!" Four has already been so much better than three. Three was tough - lots of insecurities, not wanting to go out, rejecting new experiences (that has only changed slightly), and many days of grumpiness. She's mostly happy these days, gets excited to go out, and has stopped yelling at people who try to talk to her. Yay for four!

{Malayna, mom-mom and the new twins}

Mom-mom and pop-pop, Aunt Michele, Uncle Pat and Sean, Uncle David, Aunt Maria and Jack, Wendy, Daniel and Aidan and grandpop and me-mom all came over that night to celebrate our girl's special day. She was excited to see everyone and received lots of gifts. {Yep, more baby dolls were added to her collection that day.}

{Aidan, the twins and Malayna}

All the kids {and pop-pop} had a good time with the gift from Uncle David, Aunt Maria and Jack. They gave her a toolbox filled with painting supplies - brushes, stencils, paint and sponges. Look how much fun pop-pop had.

{I know I will have to pay dearly for posting this picture. It's worth it.}

{Jack enjoyed the cupcakes...}

{...so did Aidan.}

Happy, happy birthday babycakes. Those four years went by so fast. Can we stop time right now?

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures!! I like the one of both you and Jimmy kissing Malayna. I can't believe the holidays are over already. Everything goes so fast when you have kids!