custom collages

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Malayna's little buddy Aidan will soon be four, and Wendy asked me to design his birthday invitations. Aidan loves to sing and play his guitar, so we decided to work that into the design somehow. I created the figure first, with tie-dyed fabric for his shirt and actual denim for his jeans. I then drew the arms, neck and shoes with marker and colored pencils. The guitar and head were printed from my computer and then applied to the collage. I then scanned the figure, opened it in Photoshop, cleaned it up {erasing stray marker and pencil lines} and added the stars, type and background {"happy birthday to me"}. This was a lot of fun to work on. {Thanks, Wendy!}

{poor Luco!}

I got the idea of the collage from last year's Christmas gift for my parents. This one was created entirely off the computer on a canvas which I painted, then used fabric and paper to create a collage. The buttons on their clothing are from my mom-mom's collection {she was a pack-rat just like me!}. See Luco in the corner?

{for Jack's first birthday}

If you'd like to have your own custom collage created, email me at milkshakecrafts @ comcast.net. {Take out the extra spaces.} They make great gifts or a fun addition to a child's room!

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