Belmar Beach

Jimmy, Malayna and I drove to Belmar Beach on Saturday. We had never been there before, but since it was only an hour and twenty minutes from home, and we were just going for the day, we decided to give it a try. We usually go to Cape May, but that drive takes over two hours. Belmar was okay - we had a great time - but we won't go back. The beach seemed a little trashy and the sand was kind of yellow instead of the nice white sand in Cape May. There were lots of twenty-somethings in bikinis and not many families. Malayna didn't even notice - she had a good time all by herself. She found a ladybug {on the beach?!} and spent most of her time building a house for her and keeping the ocean away. Next time we may just spend an extra half hour, drive to Cape May and stay over for the night. That way we'll have TWO days on the beach!


daisy janie said...

The color of the sky is phenomenal!! Looks like Malayna had a good time!!

lisa {milkshake} said...

Isn't it gorgeous? It matched the color of Malayna's bathing suit!