Our weekend in pictures

We had a long, fun weekend. How about you? {Okay, so the entire weekend wasn't fun. Malayna was acting like a crazy person on Friday afternoon. We had a barbecue for the Fourth, and people were splashing in the pool. Splashing in the pool?! What were they thinking? Apparently she doesn't like being splashed, and it set her off. She was a grump for pretty much the entire afternoon. Fun!}

{Coloring outside after swimming.}

{Neighborhood parade on the Fourth.}

{Day trip to Tyler Arboretum
in Media, PA.}

{Hatching an egg is hard work!}

{Pushing daddy. The hammocks are an exhibit
at Tyler called "Hanging Out."
We could've spent all day here!}


{View from the hammock.}

{She did this over and over and over and over. And over.}

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kokoleo said...

Ha! I love the nest egg pic!