I did some drawing in my sketchbook yesterday. I've always loved drawing, but I really don't do it as much as I should. It's one of those skills that you really need to keep working on. When I was in college I was sketching every day {and I was good at it}. Now? Not so much.

Malayna and I went to the park around the corner. It's one of my favorite places - it's wooded with a small lake, a mini-golf course, 2 playgrounds {shaded and surrounded by trees} and a small pool for kids under 5. There's also a trail around the park, which we usually walk if the weather is nice.

{The lone swimmer - for a little while, anyway.}

We packed some snacks, a towel, a few pool toys for Malayna and a sketchbook and pencil for me. Since she's much more interested in playing with other kids than playing with me, I was able to sit on a bench and sketch. I used what was around me for inspiration - the chain-link fence, a leaf Malayna found, her ponytail, the tiles in the pool. I wasn't going for beautiful illustrations here - just quick sketches to get my creativity going.

You may be recognize some of these little sketches in future patterns!

{Quick sketches.}


daisy janie said...

Good stuff, Lisa. Nice to keep your hands and brain talking to one another! I have "sketch book and pens" on my shopping list - no kidding! And a bag design for carrying them, too!!

Keep that book with you!!!!

lisa {milkshake} said...

Thanks, Jan. I managed to do some more sketches today!

Hmmm. A bag to carry a sketchbook?! I must see it!