Guest blogger day and upcoming show

Wednesday is my official guest blogger day at Scoutie Girl. When Jan asked me if I wanted to write for her blog, I originally thought that finding wonderful, different art by independent female artists would be easy. Ha! I'm slowly building a list of bookmarked sites to feature in the future. Do you know of any fabulous, undiscovered artists? If so, please email me at milkshakecrafts at comcast dot net. Thank you!

On Friday night I'll be participating in a Vendor's Night Fundraiser. In other words, someone is holding a show in their home and a portion of the proceeds will go to the Leukemia Society. I did a home show back in May, and I was one of only a few with handmade items. I thought that would work against me, but it didn't at all! I did better at that show than I have at a few craft shows I've done. I was surprised that a lot of the customers didn't even know that my items were handmade. The big difference between the home show and craft shows is that I mostly took orders at the home show and I take almost no orders at craft shows. I think it was because all the other vendors were the type that don't do cash and carry - you have to place an order. I think I'm the only one with handmade stuff this time, but hopefully it won't make a difference this time, either!

The info for the show is in the flier below {click the image to enlarge}. Come by and hang out with me! {Pssst: there's a happy hour!}

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