Fears of a four-year-old

Malayna has recently become afraid of thunderstorms. After lots of listening and hugs, we finally figured out that what's really worrying her is the idea of the power going out. It happened right before we went on vacation in June - the power was out for hours, and we all slept downstairs, in the heat, with Luco panting all night. Not fun. Oh, there was also the time tree limb fell on our house during a storm. Also not fun.

She has always been a great sleeper, but lately she's been tossing and turning and worrying about thunder and her nightlight going out. After a few worried nights, we came up with a solution. I put one of those window candles in her room - it takes batteries, so all we have to worry about now is the battery dying (hehe). She also has a little lantern her friend Lily gave her that she can keep next to her bed. That way she can control turning it on and off. It seemed to work last night, but there were no thunderstorms. I told her that if the power does go out, that I would come to her room and get her. I also told that if she hears thunder and gets scared, she can call me and I'll come give her some hugs.

This happens often - just when I think I have her all figured out, she surprises me. Sure does make life interesting!

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daisy janie said...

Poor kiddo. Sounds like you're doing everything right!! It has been a crazy summer with thunderstorms, too.