Ever since she could hold a crayon, Malayna has loved drawing. Her latest obsession is with coloring books. As an artist, I don't really have much against coloring books - as long as other materials {blank paper, paints, markers, clay, etc.} are made available. There's something a little therapeutic about coloring inside the lines. I used to love coloring books as a kid, and would outline things in thick black crayon {turns out Jimmy did the same thing when he was little}.

Malayna and Jimmy like to sit at the dining room table and draw things they see. We have a one-and-a-half year old blue beta fish on the table named Mica. Here's a {blurry} picture of her:

And here's Malayna's interpretation of Mica:

How awesome is that?! I love that she's looking at things and putting them on paper and that you can tell what it is! I know, I know, making art is about the process, not the product. But it's still amazing to watch your child's little hands recreate the scene in front of her.

I don't do much drawing around Malayna, which I know I need to change. So yesterday we sat together at the table, and while she worked in her coloring book I started a drawing that I've been meaning to get on paper for a few weeks.

When we went to Cape May, Malayna collected bucketfuls of shells, stones and even a piece of crab shell. That piece of shell has been sitting on the table since we got home because the pattern is incredible. I've been wanting to draw my own pattern based on the real one. Here's my work in progress:

And here's my inspiration:

I've started on another pattern based on a leaf I photographed at Tyler Arboretum the other day. I have no idea what kind of leaf it is, but maybe when I'm finished one of you will be able to identify it for me. I've taken photos of leaves and flowers in my own garden, and will eventually turn them into patterns to use in my clocks and stationery.

Now if I could just get about 12 more hours in each day…

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daisy janie said...

Forgot to tell you how much I loved this post! Malayna's drawing is adorable - and I LOVE circle pattern!!