My niece, Davyn, was baptized this past weekend. Since my brother David and sister-in-law Maria asked me to be her godmother, I knew I'd have to make her something special.

I had a great idea, and needed Malayna's help for part of the gift. I asked her to draw a picture for Davyn - I gave her no ideas and no direction. She drew a portrait of an extremely happy Davyn, complete with a cute little belly button. I took her drawing, made a copy, and shrunk it to the size I needed {about 9x9}. I outlined the copy with black marker and placed it under a piece of 10" square fabric. I put both pieces on top of a light box and transferred her drawing to the fabric with a marker. I spent the next few days embroidering Malayna's drawing of Davyn. It really doesn't take that long - I just did it while watching TV or while Jimmy and Malayna played and colored. After I was finished I framed it.

{embroidery in progress}

{finished product!}

They loved it and Malayna was so proud of her drawing. Her favorite parts are the blue eyes. Mine is that little belly button.

In other news, my first guest post for Scoutie Girl debuts today! Starting today, I'll be a guest blogger for Jan once a week. Go check it out!


Jules said...

This is the most awesome thing ever. I have to do this!

aimee said...

lisa, thank you for your link to that wonderful parenting documentary. very thought provoking. it touches on a lot of the points that i struggle with, wondering whether i'm doing the right thing or not for my girls. look forward to seeing your posts on daisy janie!