New ideas

{idea #1}

It turns out I really WAS inspired by my trip to Chanticleer! I haven't really had the urge to create anything new so far this summer, but last night I felt the need to get a few ideas down on paper {er, I mean, on computer}.

I think I'll offer these as desk clocks, or maybe even 8" wall clocks. I haven't played around with these designs, so I may need to do some tweaking before I print them.

{idea #2}

I know the bird thing has been done {over and over and over}, but this idea has been in my head for a while and I had to get it out! I don't usually like following design trends. However, I have quite a few bird feeders around the yard, so bird-watching is a daily thing around here. Do you think I need to make the birds the correct colors? In other words, if I use a cardinal, should it be red? Should the orioles be orange and the sparrows brown?

Sometimes I feel like I'm creating designs in a vacuum since I work from home, so I welcome your opinions! What do you think? Do you like the colors? Would you like to see other colors? I don't usually THINK about the colors I use - I just go by instinct and what I think feels right for the design. However, I realize I may be a little more adventurous with colors in my home than most people are. Would you put these somewhere in your own home? Or maybe in your office? Any other thoughts about the designs?


daisy janie said...

I love, love, love the leaf design. I also very much like the birdie, but I know what you mean about "it's been done." I like your colors, too. I wouldn't go too far into the reality realm by making them the colors they "should" be - unless you think design-wise it makes a better product. Trust your instincts - these are certainly artistic with the potential to have broad appeal. Nice job, Lisa!!

Jen said...

i still really like the birds, and I love the color combo you've got there. I'd stick it in the office/studio.

Sew Bettie said...

I love the bird clock. The leaf design is great too. Personally, I think the bird trend is here to stay for awhile.

paula :: plays with mud said...

These are precious!! I like your color choices, and the fact that they aren't predictable. I think it's what makes your art very unique and very you.

kokoleo said...

LOVE the birdie. Birds never go out of style.