Today is Malayna's first day of preschool. As I write this, I'm trying to quiet the butterflies in my stomach. No luck, though.

{The cover of Malayna's journal - colors chosen by her.}

Malayna and I made a journal yesterday for her to write in {okay, so I'm really writing and she's telling me what to put down}. I really wanted to start this so I could remember what she felt like on her first day of school.

Here's what we wrote in her journal last night:

"I feel sad because you're going to leave me there. A little excited. Can't wait to see my classroom. I'm going to look for letters. I love you."

That sound you hear is my heart breaking into a million little pieces.


My Scoutie Girl guest post will be up after 10am today.


Brie said...

so sweet! What a great idea, I may have to try this. My youngest has not been telling me too much about school and this is a great way to get her talking!

daisy janie : scoutie girl said...

I only hear butterflies fluttering. No hearts breaking....