Here's a typical conversation between Malayna and new friends:

M: "Hi! What's your name?"

New friend: "{Insert name here}. What's your name?"

M: "My name is Malayna but I like to be called Leo."

New friend now has a confused look on her/his face. New friend's mom looks at me.

Me: "She said her name is Malayna but she likes to be called Leo."

New friend and mom: "Oh!"

She has told us that she wants to tell her teachers at school that she likes to be called Leo. She wants to write "My name is Malayna but I like to be called Leo" on her backpack.

I love my strange little girl.


Brie said...

So funny! We have a friend who did the same thing as a kindergartner and she still goes by that nickname today ( now in her 30's) and it has NOTHING to do with her real name :)

lisa {milkshake} said...

Oh no! We had to write her name and then "Leo" on her bookbag tonight. I was going to do it when she went to bed, but she said, "I want to watch." I think she suspected that I wasn't going to put Leo on there!

Brie said...

and just think all that time you hemmed and hawwed while pregnant to come up with the perfect name :)