Photo Friday

Today is day two of preschool. I'm expecting Malayna to cry again, but this time I'm getting out of there sooner. She's sitting next to me right now and just said to me, "Some days I'm just a little worried about school."

In happier news, we went to the Academy of Natural Sciences this past Tuesday with Aidan and Wendy. Malayna and Aidan had a great time, but she wasn't thrilled with the sound from the dinosaur room. Afterwards, we crossed the street to see the "water feature" {that's what Aidan calls fountains, waterfalls, etc.} - aka Swann Fountain at Logan Circle. Then we made a quick stop in the Art Shop at Moore College of Art and Design {my alma mater}. Malayna and Aidan were making their wet shoes squeak on the tile floor in there and the two young women working the shop gave us a few eyerolls. Yeah, yeah, I know - kids are annoying. But maybe one day you will grow up, have a child and bring her back to show her where you went to college. Then some young art student will roll her eyes at you.

Enlarge that last photo so you can see the face my lovely daughter gives me just about every day.

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

What are they sitting on?

lisa {milkshake} said...

In the last photo? Some kind of sculptures made with stones and ceramic pieces. They were very strange!