School and rain dates

I've been happy with Malayna's school experience so far. She seems happy at the end of the day and is starting to share stories about school with us. She talks about her new friends and thinks one of her teachers is silly "like daddy". {There really isn't a better compliment.} She seems different somehow, though I can't exactly put my finger on it. She's been acting sillier, and is so excited about learning new things. She seems more mature and more sure of herself.

When we go in to her classroom in the morning she makes herself right at home. She says hello to her teachers and a few of her classmates, puts her bag in her cubby and hangs up her jacket. She gives this funny little wave, with her arm above her head and her fingers splayed. All with a big smile on her face.

Yesterday she came home and told me that they played in the bike room instead of going outside. Then she said, "I rode a blue boy's bike." I asked her why it was a boy's bike and she told me "because it was blue." She said the other kids told her it was a boy's bike.

Whoever told her that was probably trying to convince her not to ride it. Blue is her favorite color, and she sometimes fancies herself a boy, so I'm sure she hopped right on it. I picture the scene in my head and see her telling the other kid that she IS a boy and that her name is Leo. {Speaking of Leo, he's the reason she wears her hair in a ponytail - she thinks that she looks like a boy when her hair is pulled back.}

She seems to prefer playing with boys in school - at least that's what she talks about when she comes home. I'm not sure what that's about. Is it because she knows most of the boys don't want to play with baby dolls and then she won't have to share them? Is she intimidated by the girls? Is she just used to playing with boys because of Aidan?

I've been meaning to ask her teachers about her friends in school. Does she play with the girls? Does she play with anyone? Does she seem happy to be there? I'm pretty sure about the answer to that last question. If she weren't happy, we'd know about it!


All day Saturday I was wishing I had gone to the Yardley Harvest Fest. I hated making a decision like that - I wish there had been a rain date. At the end of the day I received an email from one of the organizers. She said there were about 15 crafters missing because of the weather and that I had made the right decision. She said it was humid and wet all day and that one of the vendors' labels were peeling off her candles. That's what I was afraid of - that my work would be ruined - so I'm glad that I decided not to go. I did miss being there, since a few people emailed me to tell me they missed me. There's always next year!

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