Re-worked and new work

{Reworked card design.}

Thanks for your opinions last week on my card design. I really appreciate your input! I reworked it a little, taking out the cloud shape and replacing it with a less whimsical design. What do you think - does this work better?

Since you were so helpful last week, I need your opinions again! I've been working on some new clock ideas. These would be desk clock size - 4.5" square. Most of my desk clocks at this point are patterned, so I wanted to offer something a little different. Both of these are drawings I had worked on a while ago. I put words on them, but I could always do them without. What do you think? {Seeing them on here makes me think that I need to make the numbers stand out a little more.}





daisy janie : scoutie girl said...

Everything looks great! I particularly like the birch tree!!

Little Flower Designs said...

Hi, I have an idea for your card, I love the background - did you try making the solid portion with the message a paisley shape? I think if you pulled a shape from the background and removed the shadowy boarder it would be a very stong design. And keep the flower, that works very well.

I'm just getting caught up on your blog! I live so close to Briar Bush, I'm glad you all enjoy it, it's such a nice little nature center : )
Happy Sunday!