Show updates

I've updated my show schedule - check the sidebar on the right for details. If you'd like to come to the two home shows I'm doing, please email me at lisa@milkshakecrafts.com and I'll forward the information to you. I'll also be sending paper and email invites to my local mailing list.

{The trees across the street.}

Yesterday's weather here in Elkins Park was crazy! It was windy and snowing - giant, wet snowflakes. Malayna was "superly" excited and kept going to the door to see the progress.

Tonight we'll all be watching the Phillies in part two of Game 5 of the World Series. We let Malayna stay up late the other night to watch part of it, but then it was delayed by rain. Hopefully the weather will cooperate tonight and we can get to bed a little earlier. Go Phillies! {Yes, I just wrote that. I'm so not a sports fan.}

{Go Phillies!}


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