Class trip

Solly Brothers Farm 10.08

{That's Malayna in the light blue hoodie.}

Malayna's first class trip was great! We had such a good time. She was excited to be around her friends and couldn't wait to go on her first hayride to pick pumpkins and apples. The "farmer" who took us around was so good with the kids. {Um, I don't know if he was a farmer or not, but that's what I'm calling him!}

When meeting someone new, she often announces loudly, "I'm SHY!" Every time she says that I think, "But shy people don't announce that they're shy!" So imagine my SHOCK when she raised her hand every time the farmer asked for volunteers. The first time she did I said to myself, "Does she know why she's raising her hand? She's never going to get up there in front of everyone!" But she did. And enjoyed the hell out of it.

Solly Brothers Farm 10.08

{Tasting secret vegetables.}

She volunteered to dance and sing and shake dried gourd maracas in front of everyone. She volunteered to stand in front of everyone, close her eyes, put her hand out and eat what the farmer put in her hand without looking at it. Twice. And asked for more green beans {which she practically gags on when she eats them at home}.

It was awesome. I loved seeing her like that - totally enjoying the moment and not thinking about how SHY she was. It was like she couldn't wait to get in front of everyone and bask in the attention! Totally gets that from her daddy, by the way.

{Malayna is the one in the blue hoodie. You go, girl with those skinny legs!}


Anonymous said...

They are SO different when they are at "school" ... ! (k)

Jules said...

I think preschool has been the best thing for her. :)