Opportunities and fear

Have you ever had an opportunity that you were excited about because it's just what you wanted? You're excited, but you're scared to take a chance. Because what if you fail? What if you think your work is good enough, but it really isn't? What if you see others' work and compare yours to theirs and come up short?

You feel like that if you don't take the chance, you'll be kicking yourself later. You know what's holding you back. FEAR. Fear that your talent isn't enough. Fear of change. Fear of doing something you've never done before.

You just want to shake yourself and tell yourself to get over it. Stop thinking so much. Stop over-analyzing. Stop underestimating your talent.

Or is it just me?


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daisy janie : scoutie girl said...

Having a partner in fear sometimes takes the edge off!!!! (not much tho) It's a rollercoaster, isn't it?