Photo Friday

Briar Bush Nature Center with Lily and Aidan:



{Nature hike.}



And yesterday, a playdate with a new friend:

{Malayna and Brenna.}

Now, imagine a picture of a house sparrow here. We had TWO of them in our house yesterday. I suspect they are getting in through the chimney and ending up in the cellar. Then, they're flying up to our mudroom and banging against the windows, trying to get out. Our mudroom is attached to our kitchen, and yesterday I stupidly left that door open. So, guess what? We had a bird in our kitchen! Fun! I'll admit that I was a total sissy and called my next-door neighbor to come help me get it out. Malayna was smart and went up to her room and closed the door. It eventually flew out the back door, but then a little while later I saw another one in the mudroom. Jimmy looked for it when he got home and couldn't find it. I know it's in there, though - there's no way for them to get out unless the door is open. So guess what I was thinking about all night? A stinkin' bird flying around in our house.

We have a guy coming today to point our chimney and check to see if there's a screen up there. He's also going to poke around and see if there's a nest up there. I'm really hoping that the chimney is the problem. Otherwise, how the heck are they getting in?!

It's not the first time we've had a bird in the house. In fact, it's probably the second or third time. Yuck, yuck, yuck. I love birds and all, but not in my house!!

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